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2010-2011 Best of Breed & CFA 9th Best Cat: GC, BW, NW INDIABI HELIO II OF GREENVILLE, Red Abyssinian Male.

Welcome to the web site of the Abyssinian Breed Council, affiliated with the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA).

Our breed council members are advisory to the CFA Board of Directors regarding issues concerning the Abyssinian breed standard. Any proposed changes to the breed standard are voted on annually under the direction of Meg Lambert, the current Breed Council Secretary. An application for membership in the CFA Abyssinian Breed Council may be found here. An application for membership renewal can be found here.

2010-2011 Second Best of Breed: GC, RW ABYZONA'S BIG SPINDER OF KELELA, Ruddy Abyssinian Female.

Our site offers a wide variety of links to our Breed Council Newsletters, sites with historical Abyssinian information, pages regarding health issues of interest to Abyssinian breeders and owners, plus many, many photos of beautiful Abyssinians. And, for that "something a little extra", we've included Abyssinian Lagnappe.

2010-2011 Third Best of Breed: GC, DW ABYLIFE'S TOM SAWYER, Red Abyssinian Male.

We hope you enjoy this introduction to our beautiful breed. If you are interested in receiving a listing of Abyssinian breeders in your local area, please use CFA's Cat Breeder Referral Search. If you'd like to visit a local CFA cat show, where there will mostly likely be Abyssinians entered, please check the CFA show schedule.

Dr. Elsey'sOur sincere thanks to Dr. Elsey for their generous sponsorship of the Abyssinian Breed Council at previous Meet the BreedsTM events and at the upcoming CFA National Show in November 2012. Visit Dr. Elsey's website.

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Distinguished Merit | Top 10 Abyssinians | Int'l Show Results | Health Articles | Newsletters | Links

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